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Website FAQ

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What is TheNetWorks?

TheNetWorks is a network of leaders, forward-thinkers, and entrepreneurs who have joined together to realize success and to create and foster positive social impact.


Our mission is to affordably assist others in realizing success and effecting change by informing, inspiring, motivating, and empowering in a supportive and collaborative community environment. 


We aim to be a socially and environmentally responsible organization and we believe that our choices matter.


What Does "Realize" Success Mean?

We firmly believe that success is measured by effort, not material results. This means that you are successful now because you are taking steps to be successful. We strive to share this message and help others to "realize" that they are already successful now.



How did it start?

TheNetWorks was created in 2006 to affordably assist entrepreneurs, business professionals, and small businesses with networking and marketing. 


While looking for effective ways to network and market healthcare consulting services in 2005, Cheryl Sanchez learned that there was no one networking organization that could provide everything she was looking for. Most on site groups were very limited in geographic area, had many restrictions and inconvenient hours, and were very costly. All of the internet marketing available was lacking in some way. Some sites were great for socializing and catching up with friends but not so great for networking. Some sites had a quality of members that was not ideal for connecting professionally. Some sites had large numbers of quality professionals but were not that easy to navigate. In addition, most organizations were only geared towards established businesses – not individuals. Most importantly, not one organization had successfully blended together both on site and internet networking.   


Cheryl realized that in order to find a networking organization that would provide everything she was looking for she would have to create her own. She subsequently established TheNetWorks (a play on words) as TheNetWorks Organization, LLC in 2006. 


Why should I become a member of TheNetWorks?

Being a member is great! We mean it! We are an organization made up of some really awesome people and businesses that all want to do good things AND help others to do the same. We can accomplish more together than we can alone.  


What are the benefits of membership?

Member-only meetings and opportunities

  • We have regular member-only meetings where we share ideas and brainstorm. Some meetings are in person and some are virtual meetings.
  • We have member-only opportunities like workshops.
  • Speaking opportunities are available to our members.


  • We share our member's information through our social media channels, emails, and other methods. 
  • When we attend an event, we represent all of our members.
  • When we have a table at an event, we display our member's information.

The website

  • Our platform is public which means you can post your information on it and anyone online can see it – even if they are not a member. For example, if you want to create a landing page or post a blog, event, or classified, you can direct anyone to it and they do not need to sign up or log in to see what you are posting. 
  • Profile url - Create a unique profile url that can be used in marketing and networking – can be used as a landing page for all of your relevant information instead of paying for a website and/or you can purchase a domain that points to this page instead of paying for hosting. 
  • Blogs – Post your original content instead of paying for a website.  
  • Events – Post your events – anyone can view your event information even if they are not a member. 
  • Classifieds – Post products, sales, and opportunities – anyone can view your classified even if they are not a member. 
  • Videos – Post original content videos – anyone can view your videos even if they are not a member (there are limits on the length/amounts of videos a user can post).
  • Messaging – Message with other members within the site.

 TheNetWorks discounts and special offerings 

  • Discounted rates for ad/marketing campaigns and opportunities 
  • Discounted rates for events 
  • Discounts with other members 
  • Priority booking for ads, marketing, and events 
  • Select opportunities only available to members

Organization benefits

We offer many benefits outside of TheNetWorks. We realize that many of our members are not employees of large employers with many benefits and we try to make up for that wherever we can with special offers and discounted rates. Currently these offerings include: 

  • Tickets At Work discount program 
  • Pet Insurance discounted/special rates 
  • Constant Contact at a discounted rate 
  • We are adding new programs all the time. If you have a suggestion, let us know! 


Why does TheNetWorks charge for membership when other sites are free?

Good question with many good answers: 

  • Other platforms collect and sell your data and they use that money to operate. We don’t sell your data and we don’t even share it without asking first. Since we aren’t making money selling your information, we need to generate income in order to keep operating.  
  • We try to verify that profiles are legitimate and accurate. We go further than other platforms with this commitment and we attempt to verify the information so you know you are dealing with a real person or business. If we can’t verify the information, the profile will not be active.  
  • Our platform is public which means you can post your information on it and anyone online can see it – even if they are not a member. For example, if you want to create a landing page or post a blog, event, or classified, you can direct anyone to it and they do not need to sign up or log in to see what you are posting.  
  • We offer benefits of membership that the other platforms do not offer. See the benefits section for more details.
  • We have found that in order for people to value something, they have put something into it. Free memberships don’t get the dedication that paid memberships do. We also want our members to feel like they are literally a part of the organization – kind of like a cooperative. Our members have a say. 
  • We want to do good things and we need to generate money in order to accomplish our collective goals. 


Do I Have To Have A Business To Join?

No, you do not have to have a business to become a member. Our purpose is to be a resource for and assist anyone in achieving their goals. Goals could be starting or growing a business, but it could also be learning something new, helping others, joining a not for profit, writing a book, or whatever it is that you are interested in doing.